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Monday, August 31, 2015

"Out of School for 10+ years. This will be easy" said no one EVER!

The obvious says: "If you had told me that in my 'mid' 30s I'd be going back to school to get my masters, I would've thought you were crazy!".... Well a great deal of it holds true. Actually, all of it holds true. When I finished my undergrad in 2004 (damn!), I was DONE!… or so I thought. My first masters class starts in 2 days and a part of me just wants to get through the first day jitters and get them over with.
omg. Omg. OMG!
I'm not THAT scared. Nope. I'm petrified, in the best way possible. Being out of a classroom for 10+ years has a way of putting all of your fears to the forefront of your mind. For example, the thought of being in a class with those who are just out of undergrad… Though it's not a bad thing, I'm sure at some point, I will feel my age. Then again, my "experience" brings something unique to the table that these youngins can learn from.

Respect your elders, young one  
For those that don't know, I'm in the IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) program at Emerson College (yeah, I KNOW!) & next two years are going to be quite the experience . I know what it's like to be busy, but this will definitely be a different kind of busy. When my friends call and ask if I wanna meet them for dinner, the answer will no longer be "I can't. I have dance/show"; it will shift to "I can't. I have a paper/homework!"

At the end of the day, and at the end of this experience, this is what growth is about. This is what it feels like to "grow up". Yes, it's going to hurt, but sometimes, it's beyond necessary.

I feel your pain Simba!
Keep in mind, I will still watch surf clips of Kelly Slater to decompress from an assignment (if you don't know him, google him, NOW!… wait, finish reading this, then go google him!). I will wear wear a Mickey Mouse shirt and dance down Boylston St. on my way to class. Growth can still occur while still remaining who you are. It's all about enjoying the experience. So for this experience, I am going to do my best to relinquish the control that I have a tendency to hold onto with an iron grip and just let whatever needs to happen, happen.

Good Luck to the Class of 2017! Let's DO this!

Monday, November 24, 2014

What you should NEVER say to someone with severe allergies... EVER!

For most of you reading this and know me, you know that my allergies are... a lot. <-- and that's putting it "mildly". For as long as I can remember, I've been allergic to life, except peanut butter. I still haven't been able to figure that one out. Anyway, over the course of my 30+ years, I've been asked a variety of questions about my allergies (food and year round... nope, I don't get seasonal. That's an every day occurrence for me... yay.)As I've grown and started to understand what I can and cannot do when it comes to my allergies, some of these questions I've been asked went from far fetch to "are you serious?". So here are a few you should NEVER say to someone with severe allergies... EVER! I mean, EVER!

It's all in your head.

Tell that to my hives & closing throat next time I have an allergy attack that it's 
"all in my head".

If you expose yourself to your allergen, your body will develop an immunity to it.
Placing myself around my allergens not only ruins my day, but it takes dayS for me to get back to some type of normalcy,... so placing myself amongst cats or being outside when flowers are in bloom, yeah, NOT gonna happen!

If you leave the room, won't you just get better right away?
If it were only THAT easy. Guess what? It's NOT! As mentioned above, it takes dayS for me to get back to some type of normalcy, and I start looking more like Katrina & less like Hitch. Meh...

Won't you just grow out of it?
 Despite what the "studies" show, not everyone's allergies change over the course of 7 years. For some of us "lucky" ones, we develop new allergies or the ones we already have seem to get worse over the course of time. So growing out of it? No. According to my body, I'm apparently just getting started!

Why do you have to be so picky?
 No, No, NO! Not even close. Trust me, I wish I could have scrambled eggs or a piece of blackberry pie, but guess what? NOT an option. It's not me that's picky. It's my immune system that affords me this "luxury".

Can't you just take a Benadryl? 
Despite what you might think, Benadryl is not a multivitamin for those of us with allergies (that's what Zyrtec is for). Even though Benadryl is a GREAT drug for minimizing the effects allergies, the side affects of it are less than desirable. Sure, I can take a Benadryl... when I get home and don't have any other type of a social obligations for the rest of the day... yup!

We didn't invite you because we figured you were allergic to the food.
Yup. This has happened. I know I should live in a bubble of some sort, but to not invite me somewhere because I might be allergic to food is a bit much. I can always get food after or if I know the menu ahead of time, I'll eat before hand. 
Rude... just Rude!

So despite what you think of those of us with allergies and how we live our lives, please please PLEASE reserve the judgment for something that's within our control. We can't help it any more than our bodies can. I wish I wasn't allergic to eggs or I didn't have to read Every Single Label to make sure there's no Aloe Vera in the products I want to use (Yes, I'm allergic to that too. Yay me!). I would love nothing more than to not be allergic to life. I'm sure you have things in your life when people ask about them, you're like "are you kidding me?" It's sort of the same thing. 

I'll jump off of my soap box now!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Imagine the Olympics In Boston?! Yeah, Me Either...

When I heard that Boston was on the list of potential cities to host an Olympic Games, at first I thought it was a joke. I wondered if the Olympic Committee had ever been to Boston to even consider it. They can't be SERIOUS, right?

So clearly, this little piece of news inspired this blog post. I've come up with a letter to the committee making this decision... Should I send it?!

Dear Olympic Committee,

I PROMISE you will NEVER want to have The Olympic Games in Boston. Sure, we're flattered to be considered, but here are several reasons why you wouldn't want to host the Games here:

1. Have you seen the layout of this city? Good luck finding your way around the city that's littered with one way streets (because there are a LOT of those) & then getting lost for an additional 20 mins (sometimes an hour) because you took a wrong turn. And the parking... oh wait, what's that?!... never mind!

If you think this is bad, you should see the 'burbs.

2. The MBTA is quite the nightmare, especially during the summer. Have you ever been stuck on a broken down train in the middle of the summer standing next to a guy who forgot to shower that day?! Yeah, you don't want that life. Plus, if you want to get somewhere on time, you'd have more luck walking there than taking the T.

3. Have you talked to any of us here? Like actually spoken to a Bostonian and actually heard what their accent sounds like? Could you imagine someone who isn't from here asking for directions and the response is, "Dude guy, you wanna bang a yewie and stay to the fah right. Pass Ahlington Station and you'll see the Public Gahdens up ahead."

4. We are a city that's proud of their athletes/hometown teams, even if they drive us to drink and pill pop from time to time. We don't need the Olympics to reaffirm Boston as a "world class city". We're good, thanks!

I think if you take these into consideration, you'll find that Boston doesn't meet your "Olympic needs". It's not that it wouldn't be a cool experience to have the world's best athletes roaming the streets of Boston, but we don't need the bajillion dollar price tag that comes along with. I love my city just the way it is with all of its dysfunctional massholes from one one-way street right down to the dirty watah!
So whomever suggested Boston be on this list, feel free to punch them in the face! 

Thanks... but NO Thanks!
Sincerely a Wicked Proud Bostonian,